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A couple rough edges but overall the match ran well.

I allowed all day for the match and will return to Charlotte tomorrow. I didn't want any pressure to finish. Arrived around 0900 and BS'd for a while, then signed in at all 3 stages and BS'd some more. (Hey part of the appeal of GSSF is seeing old friends and making new.)

Shot 3 divisions of 5 to Glock starting at 1115. Heard that there were delays at Glock 'M so had lunch and BS'd some more. Finally signed in at Glock 'M and within 15 minutes was one the tree and shot at 1355.

Finished Glock 'M and X'd in at the plates where I had my longest wait. Tried to bust Mark Ramsey's balls only to have him turn the tables on me (I'll have to rethink that in the future.) Finished the plates around 1556.

Left the site about 1800.

Slow day? Yeah, but I made it that way. I tried to establish my pace. I allowed for the whole day. I shot on my schedule and I think it paid off. I didn't have my best match but it looks like I reduced my biggest enemy: penalties (more specific Mikes.)

And if that darn Brian Dover hadn't been watching when I shot my G26 I would have done even better (it certainly wasn't my fault!).

Thanks to all the volunteers, you did a great job.


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