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We have an entire political party devoted to doing just what op is complaining of. The Dems of today would make Joseph Goebbels proud.

When youre out of facts, turn to the law.
If the law is against you, yell loudly.
And try and change the courts with partisan political activists.
Failing that, turn to another court. Like the court of public opinion.

Dont have your opponent on the facts, attack him personally. Dont have anything to attack him on, call Larry flynt and see if something can be dug up. He must have molested a girl scout at some point...or boy scout.

No? Make the accusation anyway. Even if its false, he ll have to deny it. Some people will wrongly assume he must have done it anyway. It sure was repeated a lot so must be true anyway. Right?

Even if absolutely proven innocent, some people wont get the memo. But they will vote again at some point.

Change something your opponent said to something he didnt say, then attack that. Happens here at GT all the time.

Doesnt matter that what the opponent who was attacked stood for has nothing to do with the attack being made. Guilt by association and the big lie will do the dirty work. The Dems are professionals at this.

On a regular basis, i hear the prez-o-dent get up in front of a microphone and bald face lie. I mean demonstrable, cut from whole cloth lie. Not even subject to debate, im talking against hard facts and the record.

"We tried it their way and it didnt work!"

Wrong *** hole. It did work. He was referring to Reagan era economics which were wildly sucessful. Thats just one example.

He ll even get up and call himself a liar. The IRS accusations are serious he told us. Couple of weeks later its a phoney scandal. So are all the other things that have his fingerprints all over them.
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