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Originally Posted by Marcus Unrealious View Post
More importantly, I see the nation starting to turn from a Nation of Laws to a Nation of Men. The rules and legalities seem to matter less and less as people want to migrate to a system of popular opinion.
I'm shocked that you think this is a new development.

Some examples of these are:

Zimmerman Trial
Venture Litigation
Immigration Enforcement
Some historical examples are:

Widespread lynching
Immigration Enforcement
Use of gun control legislation to disarm only blacks

To what extent will this go? At what point will society simply fail to respect others rights and "do what thou wilt"?
Well, it's gone as far as riots and hanging people from lampposts quite a few times in the past.

This is just another step towards mob mentality and mob rule. And if it is, why are we at this point?
Because people are idiots.
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