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Originally Posted by GTwoThree View Post
xmanhockey7: Thank you for your response. It seems that I am frequently entering establishments that prohibit weapons. That kind of defeats the purpose of being licensed or permitted to carry a handgun. I have had a permit for 5 years, and my handgun has never become daily wear because it is prohibited by so many businesses. It seems it's time to make it daily wear. In Minnesota, businesses can request, demand, you leave their premises if you are found to be carrying a weapon. With no penalty so long as you leave when requested. Work, well, I can be terminated. Perhaps it's worth the risk to have a handgun become a constant daily wear item. If I expected to need a firearm someplace I visited today, I would stay away. It seems to me the purpose of having a concealed handgun is for the moment, as unlikely as that may be, that you least expect the need.
I understand. Being a college student I end up leaving the house unarmed on a regular basis. The law does allow me to have it on campus, but if I had it on campus the school could still expel me. Not a risk I want to take to have a gun in my car that could be stolen.
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