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Originally Posted by High Altitude View Post
Someone has to do it eventually or supply will never meet demand. Knowing business today though (risk adverse) they will still be saying in 10 years what they are saying today, demand might go down we do not want to take the risk. Meanwhile, as they are saying that, demand is more than ever with huge supply shortages.

So how many years have to go by before someone expands 22lr production, 10 years, 20, 30, 40.......
I'm guessing they're betting demand will fall, and then they'd look really stupid if they spent millions to expand production, and by the time the expansion was ready to bring online, demand had fallen and now there's a surplus and they can't give the stuff away.

What steams me is that AFAIK, the same people camp out at WalMart and buy out all the bulk .22lr as it comes in, and then resell it at 100% markup. As long as they keep doing this, there will be no local cheap source of .22lr. If people would stop buying the resold Walmart ammo, eventually these resellers would run out of either places to store it or $ to buy it all up.

I think unless the shortage continues multiple years into the next Republican president, we won't see any new .22lr production facilities.
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