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Originally Posted by Brian Lee View Post
But what if it turned out that those pills were a scam that did more harm than good for the majority of those who take them? Then would it still be a great thing?

The evidence is growing every day that "more harm than good" is exactly what a lot of those drugs are doing, yet they are still be over prescribed by doctors who KNOW THAT, but don't care as long as we have a system where you can make more profit by making people sicker, than you can by making them better. The medical industry is one of the few (aside from lawyers) that can actually do more harm than good for a customer, and then still get paid for doing it.
I don't know the answer. The many stupid laws they have enacted are just making it harder for the legitimate user to obtain their medication, while the druggies are having no problem getting it from other sources. I mean, there is just no common sense anymore. There are more laws now regulating narcotics than say, 30 years ago, but the illicit drug trade is just as big and probably bigger! So, should we deprive everyone of what they need just to stop the dealers and illegal users?! That doesn't make any sense! I know a few people with serious injuries and conditions that absolutely require stronger meds to keep them functional, myself included. Living with excruciating pain is no walk in the park, and some of today's meds are a Godsend to many of us.
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