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Originally Posted by Patchman View Post
I'm curious what happened to his girlfriend.

As you remember, Scott was a West Pointer and had been full of painkillers. So much pain killers in his system that a MD had declared anybody with less tolerance would be dead. His gf comes into play because she had (soon before the event) been fired from a MD's office for stealing prescription pads.
I've seen people on painkillers do some pretty wild stuff. It seems at some point sanity heads on to the back seat and lets the fantasy world drive for a while.
I know a guy who drove down to walmart and parked his car. He walked in, got a cart, and went through the store picking out stuff he wanted. The just pushed the cart right out into the parking lot and went home with his stuff. His wife returned everything without a word exchanged.
He was on meds for serious back problems.(he has a history of problems with drugs) Next day, same thing. This time he went to jail.
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