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I hate lightning, funny because i live in the lightning capitol of the world, Tampa. Have had a few close calls over the years.

Once i was at a friends who was out of town bottle feeding a young philly in a small pasture. Lightning hit a huge tree in the pasture about a hundred feet up and a hundred feet from where i was standing. Brilliant flash of light and an instantaneous boom that i could feel the shockwave from. I left quickly.

A few years ago i was awakened in the middle of the night by a huge boom that shook the walls. The next morning i figured out that lightning had hit the big oak tree about 15ft from the exterior wall of my bedroom. The lightning traveled down the tree and through my cable line. Burned out two splitters, cable box, cable modem, and three tv's. All were connected to surge protectors, but the cable lines were not protected.

Also had lightning strike a tree next to the road as i was driving by, maybe 30ft away. Scary.

Never fell down and rolled around on the ground like in the video. But i was never actually hit.

I hate lightning.
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