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This was years ago so my memory could be off a bit...

His autopsy showed he had some type of medication in him. I think he was an Annapolis graduate not a SEAL.

Costco had video tapes of the exact spot where he was but Costco conveniently said their surveillance system was down that day so there was no video.

I also heard he was ripping into packages and ignoring employees demands to leave the property. Someone saw one of his 2 holstered pistols as he was ripping into the products and called police. I don't know if a Costco employee reported it as brandishing a firearm?

Police make contact and give him orders to put his hands up. I heard he reached for his waistband (he did not reach for the sky) and shots were fired.

2 handguns were found on him. Why a seemingly normal well educated man was acting abnormal and agitated in the store and why a CCW permit holder did not automatically put his hands one seems to know?

Life is stranger than fiction sometimes.

Just this last friday an unarmed man broke free from a police officer conducting a stop of a man who was harassing bicyclists out on a highway in the desert. The man ran to the patrol vehicle and grabbed for the AR15. He was told to stop...He didn't...and was shot dead.

Life is strange. There are people out there who do strange irrational things.

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