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Originally Posted by Dennis in MA View Post
I dislike Hank, too. But he's infinitely more interesting than Walt and Jessie F'ing everything up every episode. Is it 7 years of them ALMOST getting caught every episode?

There are only 5 seasons. 6 if you count the last being split in two.

It covers a period of exactly 2 years.

TRust me dennis…keep watching. You WILL thank me later.

It snowballs like you wont believe. 5A is really powerful.
5B is a rollercoaster and the last 4 episodes require a change of underwear.

Just wait till 5A. Epic Episode: Dead Freight. Tension masterpiece.

You will be a junkie by the time its over. 2 finishes strong. 3 is intense. 4 is winner.

It is the only show in the history of the medium that gets better every season.

HAve you hit One Minute yet? That was a sea change intensity. The parking lot scene…just wait.

Hank is not nearly as interesting as Walt, because Hank is mostly the same. Walt is the transformative figure. He evolves over the course of the series. What it was all about and how Vince sold it to the network: Mr Chips becomes Scarface.

My faves:
Season one: Crazy handful of nothin…
Season Two: Grilled, ABQ (season openers and closers are always strong)
Season Three: One Minute, Half Measures, Full Measure
Season Four: Box Cutter, Faceoff
Season 5A: Dead Freight, Say My Name
5B: ALL of em, especially To'hajillee, Ozymandias and Felina
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