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Another Rimfire Score (Pictures added)

A week or so ago I told how I had put a Ruger Mark II on layaway, then took it off again, put a Single-Six on layaway, then picked up the Single-Six and put the Mark II back on layaway.

Well yesterday I picked up the Mark II. It's a 50th anniversary model, in the red box, with all the papers, lock, etc., at least the best I can tell.

Also as best I can determine, it is absolutly unfired. I can't find a bit of carbon on the gun anywhere. There is still brown packing greese in it, and both magazines still have orange stickers on them.

There is still 6-8" of snow on the deck, so I haven't been able to get to my tree to take a picture but most folks know what a Ruger MK II looks like. It's got a 4" barrel, fixed sights, magazine release on the butt of the heel.

While I was filling out the paperwork, I as a joke asked the young lady behind the counter "You don't have any 22 ammo do you?" She said "We do for people buying a gun. You want a box? We got one left." Sure I said, figuring it would be a 50 round box. Turned out to be a 500 pack of Remington Thunderbolts. Not my favorite ammo by any means, but hey, it's the first 500 round box I've seen in a couple of years.

I think I'll put it on display and tell people "Back in the day...."
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