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Originally Posted by Kentucky Shooter View Post

1) the civil war is over--- ended in 1865
2) none of us were here when it was fought
3) if born here, we are all Americans according to the constitution; regardless of whether great, great, great, great, grandpa wore the blue or gray
4) civil war history is a relevant topic in history to study, appreciate, and learn from. Just like all the other major events that have made us what we are.
5) we need to realize the civil war history brings out different emotions from americans than any other war.
6) regardless of where our ancestors stood in the civil war, americans from both sides have since shared foxholes in other wars, probably Americans with ancestry from both sides were victims at Pearl Harbor, 9/11, etc...and Americans have since worked side by side together in industry and other fields to help make our country what it is today.

Isn't it time to quit fighting the civil war? Sure, pass along the history, but why not spare the hatred? I know, some will never give it up and will continue passing it to their children. But it is nice to dream.
Good post, but futile. SOS, over and over again.
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