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I am not a confederate sympathizer. However, "I get it." to a degree.

The first issue is, people have to realize that the issue is a lot larger than "Slavery." Even if that is the driving issue that makes anything "Confederate" a tainted issue.

People today are not advocating a return to plantations and slavery. There is so much more to it. It is an issue of liberty and community. The idea of states rights and communities generally built on *Christian" principles.

Again, I get it. I don't agree with all of it because I think even they don't understand liberty...because they are advocating their beliefs...or you can suck it...which is what they hate about what they think is suppressing them. (Some liberal, gay, whatever agenda....)

BTW, the Confederacy was successful. Just like Iceland is successful....they just couldn't win a war with a much better armed opponent. Loss in a war doesn't correlate to a successful system of government or not, it just mean you lost a war.

Let me pose a fairly rational question. What if Lincoln would not waged war? Slavery would have ended anyways. (not an excuse) it was a doomed institution. The theories as to what would have happened are never ending but one thought is the north would have collapsed under it liberal weight a lot sooner (as it has done in a lot of cases) without the south to buoy it in a lot of ways, the North and South might have reconciled on pretty peaceful/economic terms without the loss of so many people.
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