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Congrats on the G39!

I originally thought about ordering one, but the ammunition is simply too hard to find in any of the local stores where I've looked (even when traveling through OR & WA and idly checking the gun store shelves), and it's not a stocked caliber for off-duty/qual use at my agency.

If I could've had affordable and consistent access to the ammo, I'd probably have picked one up to complement my well-worn CS45 .45 ACP (3.25" barrel & 6-rd mag), and my original version 4513TSW (3.75" w/6-rd mags).

I seem to remember that Speer was revising their 200gr GDHP bullet to offer better "performance" in the harder denim/gel testing about the time they were developing the .45GAP 200gr GDHP load, so I'd not be surprised if users of that bullet weight in both calibers (GAP/ACP+P) ought to find similar "performance".

Being someone who prefers 230gr hollowpoint loads for .45, though, it's even harder to find available ammo in my area.

Not being an avid handloader anymore, nor being someone who wants to do any more online ordering, my interest in the G39 waned.

Enjoy the small G39, though, as it seems a nice option for enthusiasts of .45 caliber pistols.
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