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Originally Posted by AgentM79 View Post
I'm a happy GAP owner, too, and bought a G39 last year (got tired of waiting for Gen4). Here is how I understand the short barrel velocity issue. Most ammo companies load their .45 ACP and GAP ammo to the same power levels. The GAP functions at significantly higher pressure due to the shorter case and other design differences. GAP will generally out-perform ACP given identical bullet weights and barrels of equal length. The velocity and energy difference is marginal, maybe 5% at best. ACP in +P beats the pants off GAP, though. No contest. GAP has no +p equivalent.

I hope this answers your question. I'm not a ballistics expert, but I do see that GAP, particularly the G39, as being a winner in terms of size/handling/performance.
Originally Posted by hunter 111 View Post
You asked about compared to 45acp
The difference between the two is so small not worth going into
Really if you don't mind the boutique ammo it is a great round.
I apologize, my question was rhetorical ; I assumed people that were unfamiliar with the GAP would be curious about how it compared to 45 acp. That is why I provided 45 acp chrono data.
I'm not new to GAP, I've had a model 38 for years.
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