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I agree with you in theory, but my argument was that in practice, we enter homes to clear and secure them on a fairly regular basis. Since you would not be there in a law enforcement function initially, there is nothing preventing you from being at the home to begin with. Once you find the unsecured door, and announce your presence with negative response (I can only assume they mean you made an honest attempt to alert the residents to your presence), in my opinion, it changes from a parking complaint to a check for well being. Part of my reasoning is, espeically in this kind of weather, a door which can be opened in such a manner would indicate to me a burglary might have taken place. Therefore, to my thinking, entering the home to ensure it has not been broken into would be okay, at least, the way I see it.

The sticking point with the other Sgt seems to be whether our duty as a community caretaker is to just close the door over or to check the house for signs of burglary.
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