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Originally Posted by cornerexit View Post
You could take it a further few steps.

1. Civil suit. You go all sheepdog in a mass shooting and cause escalation or a missed shot wounds a bystander. Have fun in court ...will cost you thousands (tens)... Face/Name all over the news. Could cause bad juju with your job (fired) and make it hard to find another job, friends, family, everything.

2. Your best bet is to find cover or better yet, escape. Most tactical commando sheepdog Internet forum folks, are they in shape, exercise regularly? Train to hop fences, crawl through a window or other small space to escape? Can they even run a few city blocks before they drop dead? Being agile, maneuverable, quick, etc, is not something I ever see discussed. What I see more often than not at the range, gun show, etc, is some fatass running his mouth about this gun vs. that gun, or caliber wars, or a host of other crap and they couldn't hop a fence or run a block to escape danger. They got their big bad ass gun and they think they are going to be Seagal or something and return fire and be the hero on TV. If you aren't paid to carry a gun you need to get away and call the professionals.
1. If you cause a mass shooting to escalate, what does it escalate into?

2. A person with some basic skills and a good attitude doesn't necessarily have to be a NavySEALRangerDELTASpecialForcesCommando to make a difference depending on the opponent and the situation.

I'm an old fatass but I can hit small targets at reasonably long ranges reliably.

Proverbs 21:31 The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but victory is of the LORD.

"I refuse to tip-toe through life only to arrive at death safely."

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