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Originally Posted by John Biltz View Post
I've always thought the sheepdog and sheep concept to be pretty egotistical for civilians. When I was in the military I was a sheepdog. Cops are sheepdogs. Look at the job descriptions and yep there you are. I think most people who think they are sheepdogs are like some dog that starts running around a herd of sheep and has pretensions until the herd's sheepdog shows up and gets chased away. And that is the reality, there are sheep, wolves, sheepdogs and dogs and not every dog is a sheepdog. And not every dog even has any idea what it is to be a sheepdog. So when someone who has never been a cop or a soldier claims to be a sheepdog...
So now we have classes of sheepdogs? LOL

Calling a soldier or leo a sheepdog really marginalizes what they do for society. Didnt the Courts already say that Police do not have a constitutional duty to protect?

I think the whole concept is simply a way to describe someone who is able and willing to protect others from danger when they otherwise cant protect themselves. Protecting people from being preyed upon by active and armed predator. I dont think its supposed to be really all that deep.

Again, I am no sheepdog but I acknowledge that the personality exists. I just hope that if I ever do have to use a firearm in public to defend myself that a sheepdog doesnt mistake me for the badguy.
"I believe that the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms must not be infringed if liberty in America is to survive." - Ronald Reagan

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