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Originally Posted by F106 Fan View Post

Taper crimp dies are also used with rimmed cartridges like the .38 Spl 148 gr HBWC. No roll crimp for these target rounds. If you look for .38 die sets at Midway, you will see two varieties: Roll crimp and taper crimp. Separate sets.

I agree with everything else you posted there. There's no reason a roll crimp can't be used on those rimmed cartridges. I will repeat a little history, though."

Quote from Post #11: "Somewhere around 1982, I had called a CS rep. at RCBS about something and remarked that I had been using their taper crimp die for the 45 ACP to put a taper crimp on my 45 Colt reloads, instead of a roll crimp. Right after that, they started making taper crimp dies, for rimmed revolver cases. I don't believe it was a huge success, though."

.38 Special 148 gr HBWC rounds did come with a roll crimp, until about 1982. You couldn't buy a taper crimp die from Midway or any place else, until around 1982. They weren't being manufactured. Evidently it was a bigger success, than I thought, if they still make those things.
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