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Originally Posted by unclebob View Post
So if you donít use a taper crimp die to remove the bell on the case on a 45acp case. What die do you use? Your only other choice is a roll crimp die and that is something you donít use on a 45acp die. Taper crimp die is for just removing the bell on the case. You really are not crimping anything.
The taper crimp die for a 45 long colt. Unless you are shooting cowboy loads. Not using a roll crimp is a good way for the bullet to move forward of the case when shooting and lock up the cylinder.
#1. I don't put such a drastic bell on the case mouth, that it needs much straightening out. Just enough to get the bullet started, in the case without messing up the bullet or case. It would feed alright even if it wasn't run through any sort of crimp die.

#2. A tamper crimp will indeed, crimp the case mouth, if it's set up right. That's why it's called a taper CRIMP die. If it's applied properly, it will impress a chamfer (bevel) around the case mouth.

#3. You can remove the bell, from the case mouth with either a tamper or roll crimp die. Just don't screw it down as far. The amount of crimp that you apply (or don't apply) IS adjustable.

#4 You can load your 45 Colt cases any way you want to, but mine don't allow the bullets to jack out, from recoil, if taper crimped. BTW, no such thing as 45 Long Colt, but there was a 45 short Colt, at one time. The army bought them because they only wanted 28 gr of powder.
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