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I think there is a little 'semantics' thing going on. In the end, most people use a taper crimp on a .45 ACP with the understanding that it isn't a crimp. It really is just a straightening out of the bell at the case mouth.

Taper crimp dies are also used with rimmed cartridges like the .38 Spl 148 gr HBWC. No roll crimp for these target rounds. If you look for .38 die sets at Midway, you will see two varieties: Roll crimp and taper crimp. Separate sets.

In my view, it is much easier to do the taper crimp operation in a separate die. Yes, it can be done in the seater die but it makes the die harder to adjust and, since most presses have at least 4 stations, there is no reason not to use a separate taper crimp die.

As to lube? Well, I'm a converted 'don't need it with carbide dies' kind of guy. A little Hornady One Shot does wonders. It makes the sizing operation easier on the machine, the brass and, most important, me! There is no need to remove the lube after loading.

The cool thing about reloading is that everybody gets to make their own decisions. If it works, do it!

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