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I started reloading the 45 just this past year. Done 40 S&W for over 20 years. The 45 is a lower pressure cartridge, compared to most other handgun cartridges. The nicer thing of handgun cartridges is you really don't need to lube the cases with a carbide die. The base on the 45's don't bulge as much. So resizing is easy. With the 45 there is tons of reload data. Been around a long time. The faster handgun powders are the most common for loading the cartridge. But you can use slower powders on the burn charts. Many around hear will recommend either unique or bullseye. I personally don't like the powders for how dirty they leave your gun. But the classic handload for 45 ACP ball is 5 grains of Bullseye 230 grain load. Though I can get accurate loads with those powders I can get just as accurate loads without the mess. My favorite powders for 45 acp are VV-N310, N320 (hard to find and expensive) WST, WSF, HP38 and or 231. The powder choices are going to be usually slimmed down, by what you can find locally. Buy 1 pound if possible till you find the loads you like. Good luck in your search.
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