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The non-sheepdog guy clearly values sacrifice and service to his fellow man, as he served our country faithfully in the military. I think his approach to CCW is wise and rational and does not mean he is heartless towards others in their times of need. I have no doubt if he was confronted with a violent scenario that he would do what he could to protect himself and those immediately around him. I think his point is he is not going to enter a shooting scene to assist that does not present itself in his immediate vicinity. An example would be a mall shooting. The sheepdog concept seems to advocate the average armed citizen going towards the scene, even when its not in their immediate vicinity. And the non-sheepdog approach would be to usher your family to safety and not go towards the scene. I would take the latter approach primarily because while I want to help my fellow man, I am also called to protect my family. And I also imagine to the responding officers that a shooting scene now complicated by multiple non-uniformed citizen "sheepdogs" would extremely dangerous and confusing to all involved.
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