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Originally Posted by unclebob View Post
I think you mean you donít use a roll crimp die. Taper crimp die is what you want to use to remove the bell on the case that you put on the case to get the bullet seated.
I mean that I don't put a taper crimp, on my reloads. At one time, most seating/crimp dies for straight wall ACP cases came with a taper crimp instead of a roll crimp die. Those cases are supposed to head-space on the mouth.

I don't crimp them, just straighten the case wall.

Somewhere around 1982, I had called a CS rep. at RCBS about something and remarked that I had been using their taper crimp die for the 45 ACP to put a taper crimp on my 45 Colt reloads, instead of a roll crimp. Right after that, they started making taper crimp dies, for rimmed revolver cases. I don't believe it was a huge success, though.
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