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Originally Posted by cladd View Post
I just purchased a Glock Model 21 Generation 3 to serve as a companion to my Sig P220 Stainless Elite. I have performed reloading for rifles for years (mainly custom calibers 6PPC/6 Dasher) however I've never reloaded for pistols and now I want to start doing this. I have a RCBS 10-10 scale, RCBS powder thrower along with digital mike etc. My thought is to purchase a Redding 3 die pistol set with taper crimp die, some plated bullets like Berry's (safe to shoot in Glock), Winchester brass with large primer pockets and the appropriate pistol powder. Any thoughts on my choices would be appreciated. My primary focus for this reloading will be target practice and plinking.


Welcome to handgun loading.

There are a few differences, like you will be belling the case mouth mechanically, versus chamfering like rifle. Depending on the powder you choose, you may be able to double charge (which is obviously bad) versus rifle where overcharging the case is less of a concern, etc.

As pointed out already, powder of any type is pretty scarce right now, so you may be kind of stuck with whatever is available and work around that.

For target loads, I prefer faster powders like Bullseye. The downside with this approach is a normal charge will be less than half a case, making double charges much more possible. Mid-range powders can be a good "first choice" while you are sorting your process and getting used to double checking everything. Unique is a nice choice in that category.

For hotter loads, slower powders can work well, Blue Dot or VV-N340 are a couple I use often.

Have fun.

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