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Welcome to GT! Yup, I'd recommend heading over to the Reloading section, too. Those guys really helped me get started a few years back because I thought that .45ACP practice ammo was too expensive!

Berry's is good, so are Xtreme, Rainier, Montana Gold, and Bayou Bullets. The last one (BB) has a really nice coating on it, and I'm thinking about getting some LRN from them on the next order for .45ACP. I have only purchased LSWC 200 gr. from them, but it ran fine in everything I shot.

I like Longshot, Unique, Power Pistol, AA #5, and N320 for .45ACP. My loads are all from the book, and I load mid- to max range, depending on which guns I'm loading the ammo for. The Gen4 Glocks like it a little hotter, and have issues with underpowered ammo.

For primers, I've only used Winchester WLP and CCI 300. I have a case of Federal, but I have to work my way through the other primers first.
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