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Originally Posted by oldgraywolf View Post
Even us northern types who are used to a lot of snow have problems with ice storms. Good luck, stay safe.
True that, we are used to this, but even though a bit of snow can be dealt with, ice is sooo unforgiving and un predictable, steep learning curve on that stuff....

Every year I practice in empty lots to get a feel for sliding around, but I've had stuff happen on the roads that slip so fast it's nearly impossible to recover from....stay safe, folks....slooowww down....

This season, we are way above the average for the area...over 2x as much...23 inches to 50 some inches, and it ain't over yet...

I am out...sick and frickin' tired of shoveling this and dodging ice...spring can't come soon enough, nor better appreciated than this year...
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