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Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
The chronically homeless are mostly substance abusers or mentally ill regardless of background. The situation is a result of choices and behavior. You cant fix most of them, just show your fellow man a moment of kindness.

There are people who find themselves temporarily homeless for all kinds of reasons. Many of them are very understandable such as job loss, sudden death of bread winner, sickness.... This is the group of people that can be helped and often are. These people dont want to be homeless and will generally make the choices to remedy that situation.
This is spot on. I've spent a lot of time traveling like a vagabond, and I've met and got to know a lot of homeless folk. There was not one person without mental health or addiction issues. Those people were already in assistance programs, not on the streets.

I wasn't down on my luck, I just liked to walk the world a bit. Just being associated with that community I had all sorts of offers for meals, jobs and housing programs... it was kind of embarrassing to explain that if I wanted an apartment I'd just go rent one.

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