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A shrimp's stomach is in its head.

A starfish has no brain.

Abraham Lincoln once when challenged to a duel and given the choice of weapons, chose broadswords. Due to his significantly greater height he had a massive reach advantage, causing his opponent to rethink his challenge.

Due to the natural decay of potassium, bananas are mildly radioactive.

You can tell the age of a clam by counting the rings. Some clams can live to be multiple centuries old.

Similar to skyscrapers in the US having no 13th floor, hospitals in Japan have no 4th floor, due to the Japanese word for four being "shi" which is similar to "shini" meaning death.

The reason onions make you tear up is because the sulfur in onion juice mixes with tears to produce sulfuric acid, which your body is desperately trying to flush out.

A group of crows is called a murder.

A group of baboons is called a congress.

Next time you think humanity is boring, just remember that you are a ghost in a biological supercomputer piloting a robot made out of meat.
"Use more gun." -The Engineer- (Team Fortress 2)

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