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I want one so bad. I want to get an ugly one, though. My next two guns are going to be a 4506 and a 5906.

I have a 4506-1 that is just too pretty to shoot. It has a history to it, too, nothing important to the world. My wife gave it to me as a Christmas gift years ago. An older couple that she knew forever through her family had bought the gun as a home defense weapon. The man was a Korean War vet.

When he passed, his wife sold it to my wife for a very low price and said she just wanted me to have it because her husband liked me. So you couple the beauty of the gun with the story, and it's a total safe queen. It's only been fired 16 rounds by me, and probably none by the man who bought it and kept it all those years. The wife moved to Florida to be near her children, just so you don't think I got her gun and left her defenseless.

Sorry to kinda hijack your post. Your gun is beautiful, as they always seem to be.
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