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Originally Posted by sabrownfl View Post
Sorry you had to let it go... I was worried about mine, but for no reason. I also hope you got it at a discount when you bought it, or you found a seriously uninformed buyer. Based on all the negativity, there will be a glut of use XDs on the market by Christmas. I may have to pick up a .45 to match my 9mm, but I won't pay retail.
I bought my bi-tone 45 barely used for $450 and sold it for the same amount to a shop. They sent a bunch of their XDSs in, but still haven't received any of them back. They where more than curious about what they did to it so I pointed it out to them before handing it over.

While it was gone I bought a G26 and found it's no harder to conceal with the added advantage of available parts and the ability to use 10,15,17 and 33 rounds mags as back ups. I didn't miss the XDS for the 2 months it was gone which proved I wasn't attached to it at all.
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