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Got mine today (Friday) at about 4PM. 45ACP.

I shot a couple magazines of 200 gr LSWC (reloads).
Got a couple feeding jams with the round about half way in the chamber.
I don't know what was going on but I couldn't pull the slide back until after I removed the (new) magazine.

Later I shot a couple magazines of LSWC and 185gr JHP to sight in a Crimson Trace rail laser.
No malfunctions this time.

For some reason my (operated on) right shoulder is hurting a lot today, so the recoil of the 45ACP was kicking me pretty good.
I tried to get a feel for the trigger. It feels pretty hard.

Even with the trouble I'm having, the last magazine, using the laser, tore the center out of the target.
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