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Originally Posted by aippi View Post
No parts are made for the H&R Pump in Illion either. Making parts in NY to send over seas to put in a gun to send back makes little sence.
That makes sense, no doubt. But it makes just as much sense that small parts are manufactured in the US and installed in the US when the large parts, receiver, barrel, mag tube, etc arrive here. That's essentially what Mossberg does with the Maverick line, although in reverse. I have no idea about Remington though.

Originally Posted by aippi View Post
The H&R pump is there to capture a share of the clone and budget market. It is not there to compete against, replace or even pass for an 870.
Agreed, it a low price, purpose built/imported firearm. It simply shares the design characteristics of the 870 to ensure that it functions similarly.

Originally Posted by aippi View Post
Many of you may not remember back when sears had three qualities of most items. Looked like the same thing and worked but they were marked and priced different as the quality was different. They were marked "Good" "Better" and "Best" and priced accordinally. Same thing here. You bought the one that fit your need and price range. Nothing different about this topic.
While I don't specifically remember Sears marketing their products that way, I'm familiar with the concept. For instance, I remember Mossberg and Stevens selling their guns as "hardware guns" to chains like Coast to Coast Hardware. They were, essentially, the exact same gun, with cheaper wood, hardware and finish, rollmarked differently. That didn't mean they weren't functionally equivalent, it meant that they weren't as nicely finished and/or put together. Is that what you are saying about the Chinese guns?
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