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I have an LCP that didn't like to feed the first round of hollowpoint. I emailed them last Wednesday, and got a response within about 20 minutes instructing me to call and the would issue an RMA. I called the next morning and got a perfectly charming rep on the phone within about 30 seconds. She issued the RMA and sent me a prepaid overnight UPS airbill. I sent it on Friday, it was delivered Monday. Tuesday afternoon I got notice that it had been shipped back to me via 2 day, and I should have it tomorrow.

Great service-now to see if it works.

Glock made me pay my own freight out to them, but at least they paid for the return.

Got it back, and the problem was that the recoil spring was on the guide rod improperly. I'd normally take the blame, but I hadn't removed the spring when I field stripped it. I did buy it used, so I guess the previous owner had done it. It works fine now.

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