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Originally Posted by method View Post
Seems like those who actually have the guns in question like them. Anyone who is suggesting against the Chinese clones have any real experience with them?

It's a little curious being as that other Chinese guns are generally well regarded.
Copying a pump shotgun ain't exactly rocket science.
Correct evaluation, however, these are not the people that work on these weapons. They are end users and are seldom inside these clones where the differences are real. SAAMI standard rule in the USA and you are assuming they are followed in the countries building these clones. Manufacturing processes are strickly followed in the US as these companies live in fear of litigation for fautly products. In the clone world their are "cut offs" protecting the foreign manufacturers. It would be nice iF an attorny who has knowledge of this would post in and validate that point. If you have a clone you are buying a product that looks like, performs like or somewhat like the real thing. You are not getting the same quality in a product that will last like the original.

Years ago the Ithica 37 was used as one of the first clones from Chong dong or something another Machine works in China. I picked on up for a cheap weapon to leave at a Cabin. Man that thing worked great, almost as smooth as a 37. 20" smoth bore with rifle sights. Decide to keep it to play with and many hundreds of rounds when through it by me and by friends. Could not belive how great it shot rifled slugs. One guy shot it and swore the barrel was rifled until he walked back up to the bench and looked and saw it was a smooth bore. In the Winter I do complete stripping of all my guns (nothing else to do up here in the winter) and once inside that clone I realized the differences and the poor workmanship. Yes, it worked and it shot fine. It was not the quality of the Ithica 37 in any way.

If you want to buy a clone and tell yourself it is the real thing then that works for you. However, to state that to others is misleading and does not do the issue justice. It would be better to say that for the money they can be a good value depending on the intent of the use, the volume of use and what you are expecting from a firearm. That would be the fair thing to say about them.

And yes, to copy anything is easy. Also, to manufacturer the item with same quality can be done, however, they do not and they do not have to.
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