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Originally Posted by BlackPaladin View Post
How about dirtbag was mentally ill and NOT USING his medication? I would guess something of that nature to be very possible.

Severe mental illness patients sometimes just go cold turkey on their meds because they don't like how the meds make them feel. I really wish the mental institutions could be brought back in some form. There are people that do not belong in jail, but are to dangerous to be on their own also.
x2. I blame the mother as well, she knew that her son was mentally ill, so not only did she decide it was a good idea to have multiple weapons in the house (that he could obviously access) but she decided to take him to the range and teach him how to be proficient with them. Ideally she would have recognized that a mentally ill person has no business around firearms and for his own safety, her safety and everyone else's safety foregone having them. She was either in denial or a looney toon herself.

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