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Originally Posted by BlackPaladin View Post
How about dirtbag was mentally ill and NOT USING his medication? I would guess something of that nature to be very possible.
Good chance that's true.

Severe mental illness patients sometimes just go cold turkey on their meds because they don't like how the meds make them feel.
They often say that's the reason, but it's usually not, according to the research by Amador. Anosognosia is almost always the reason. It's a symptom of the mental illness that prevents the person from perceiving that he has the illness. Their perception of not needing the meds is just as real as a well person's perception that he doens't need them. Imagine if someone tries to get you to "take this pill" for some psychiatric problem you don't think you have. Over half of schizophrenics and bipolar people have this.

That's why they're so screwed up all the time. I know several mentally ill people who take their meds, and you could probably barely recognize that they have a mental illness. One of them in particular--a fairly severe bipolar fellow--is an outstanding person, and I'm confident most people outside the family have no clue he has the disorder.

I really wish the mental institutions could be brought back in some form. There are people that do not belong in jail, but are to dangerous to be on their own also.
There's another option: Assisted Outpatient Treatment. Some states are doing better at this.
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