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LaRue Tactical Aimpoint Micro Mount - 2 Units available, 5500 each.

Band of Glockers
Band of Glockers
Band of Glockers


Glock shooters! Are you tired of iron sights and lasers are not an option? We have the solution! The Glock Aimpoint Micro Mount will allow you to wield the same world class reflex sight used by Law Enforcement Professionals and Open Class Shooters worldwide in the palm of your hand. Simply remove your existing rear sight and install the Glock Aimpoint Micro Mount into the factory dovetail and the “Shooter is ready….Standby….BEEP!!”

Weighing in at a feathery 84 grams, the Aimpoint Micro is one of the lightest, fastest, and most durable and most dependable red dot sights on the market. The Micro T-1, H-1 or R-1 will allow you to fire with both eyes open, without worrying if you’re focused on the target or focused on the dot. Even the most inexperienced shooters enjoy the intuitive target acquisition achieved when using the Aimpoint Micro sight. Face your target and present your Glock; when you see the dot take your shot.

AGAIN Mount Only, T-1 not included

Note: Unlike iron sights, on MRD such as Aimpoint, you must focus on the target, NOT the dot!

Test outdoors with both eyes open ( the dot should appear fuzzy ).

PM me or SMS 09175398664

I can do meetups in Alabang, MCS. I can also ship.
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