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Good choice. My old 6 inch barrel model 19 is very accurate. In fact today it's far more accurate than I am.

Years ago (before I got those over age 70 eyes) I was at the range one day shooting. I was using a standard 25 yard bullseye pistol target. I had set two of them up at the 100 yard line. I was the only one on the range. I was using iron sights and of course full house 357 ammo.

I fired 6 rounds from a sandbagged bench rest at the first target. Just then a friend of mine drove up. My friend came over and I asked him to wait a minute while I fired 6 rounds at the other target. I used a standing position, two handed hold, and of course single action.

After I fired, we went downrange to check my target, and post new targets. My friends eyes almost popped out when we looked at the first target and there were six holes, all in the black of the target. I explained that target was fired from a sandbagged rest.

We checked the other target and there were also six holes in it. They were in the circles, but they weren't all in the black.
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