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Originally Posted by 451050500 View Post
I avoided cell phone use in public places as much as I could, even biz calls I would ignore unless I was in a private area. I think cell phones but particularly smart phones are status symbols to most their users, they are much like a wardrobe accessory like a gold chain or 2k leather jacket. For the few they are actual tools put to good use but most just use them to talk absolute nonsense. I bet 90% of all calls and texts are just meaningless chatter.
I can't believe I took the time to sort out at least some of your wall of wailing, but 'smart phone' is really a misnomer.

What you have is a pocket computer with an anywhere data connection. They grew out of the cellular network for telephones, but that thin thread still binding them is the priority rating the device gives to phone calls.

Generally I don't talk on the phone, if someone wants a conversation with me then they can find me, not too interested in speaking to some disembodied voice.

Not too much into texting either, because my average 'text message' reads like a short story.

Email I use a lot, internet usage, apps to perform specific (mostly job related) functions, I use CAD software more then anything else on the devices.

Being able to edit a .dwg blueprint to correct or otherwise change specs on-site from a device that weighs almost nothing and sits barely noticed in my pocket until needed.. It used to be the best I could do was a laptop/netbook for that, now I can do that kind of work without dragging an entourage of stuff behind me.

Inventory apps to keep track of things, handle .pdf files (make offline or read - also offline), the various office file formats (text, spreadsheet, database)...

...and a whole host of other specific functions you would need a real computer for if not for these awesomely capable pocket sized offerings. You can't do everything a computer can do (compiling complicated software code, for one) but a considerable share of computing tasks can be handled with the power in your pocket.

For me the phone concept is an afterthought, a barely used legacy function like an appendix is for the average human today.
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