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Originally Posted by TBO View Post
I take it you are installing custom ROMs on most of your phones?
Most is accurate. I only have one S4 - which isn't even rooted yet, life obligations are in the way of my playing with that one beyond taking advantage (finally) of the temp sensors.

The rest all run a custom ROM of my own making.

Generally once I start picking apart a new device I like to have two, so I can compare in real-time changes from one software version to another as I make alterations.

Originally Posted by 451050500 View Post
I imagine when they start handing out the chips you'll be one of the first in line. Enjoy.
I rescind my comment from the pet thread, I would keep an animal for testing a chip.

For myself, no thanks.

The primary motivation on my coding endeavors is to ensure I know what data is going where when it leaves my device - not to keen on being spied on. Or potentially being spied on.

I'd like to know what digital tracks I am leaving behind and obfuscate or obliterate any and all identifiers. I don't run ad supported software, and don't do phone calls/texts/**** like that on a device that hasn't been rooted and locked down to my satisfaction.

I was pretty late to party with the whole smart phone bit, because I didn't like the idea of having a digital snoop in my hand all day. I started with a tablet that had no microphone or camera and stuck with it until I knew all I needed to in order to feel comfortable with taking control of those hardware components.

I still have every Android device I have ever owned, they all are in great working order and have a function in my digital life - nothing is going to waste on a shelf. These days I am far enough ahead of the game where I can get 'the new thing' without having to put it into service right away.
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