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I pay 30 a month for unlimited text and talk at@t. Best coverage I've ever had smart phone or not. I started with a xdroid then some goof I did biz with talked me into a iphone. Once I found out the capabilities a smart phone has to track and learn about each user I destroyed it, not to mention the 75-150 month plans. I actually made a scene at a store when an app some friend gave me made my phone notify me I should buy the honeycrisp apples the store i was in had on sale. Basically my phone knew where I was, what I was doing and what I liked and told me to go buy something I never told it I liked but I do. I turned it off threw it on the ground and smashed it with my boot, bear in mind this happened a few days after watching some film where the main character was being tracked by nsa hitmen through his phone. I picked it up and asked the onlookers if anyone wanted a iphone. No takers, and one lady was actually talking on her iphone almost making out with it she was so attached to it, had a look of disgust for me. For a second I felt like Roddy Piper in They Live, or when Ron Swanson finds out about internet tracking cookies. Anyway, burned it beyond recognition in a public firepit that night, more for a ritual experience to liberate myself from smartphones than to actually destroy it completely, and paid my get out early fee. When they asked why I was cancelling I told them privacy issues and she kind of chuckled as if she thought privacy was a silly thing, it took three transfers to get my contract canceled and everyone of them was a smug bastard, not the over happy chatterbox girl or indian speaking male one usually talks to. It's over and done either way.

I avoided cell phone use in public places as much as I could, even biz calls I would ignore unless I was in a private area. I think cell phones but particularly smart phones are status symbols to most their users, they are much like a wardrobe accessory like a gold chain or 2k leather jacket. For the few they are actual tools put to good use but most just use them to talk absolute nonsense. I bet 90% of all calls and texts are just meaningless chatter. Most of it coming from the tween and teen population, but adults as well. I once stood next to a 40 something old lady who had someone put her dog up to the phone so she could tell it she'd be home in awhile, I wanted to pull out my gun, seriously. I even heard an old man about 80 talking to someone about how to whittle, yes whittle, he was giving real-time advice about whittling. I've tried to eavesdrop on a few teen girls just to see what they talk about but most of them I can't even understand, they've taken the English language both voice and written and created some type of mutt language. If one takes a moment to look around in a area like a mall or downtown or whatever, you can just see how tech in this case phones are changing us. If we could see the signals traveling with our eyes, the waves and frequencies shooting through the air, the sky would be full. Some children, adults, pets are already chipped, willingly amazingly, it's only a matter of time until one can go to store and have a chip injected in them for communications and tracking, and in another matter of time maybe it will become mandatory. Singularity might not ever happen but we will get close to it. I'm ranting on, but you get a point or two. My main one being most people don't need smartphones, the name itself is almost a oxymoron when comparing it to most of the people who use them. Congrats to those who do not even have a cell phone of any kind, you are my hero.
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