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Originally Posted by Atlas View Post
Its a sad world.
I agree - especially when you have folks who claim to be keepers of the peace, but brag about hanging out with felons. I mean, I hang out with them all day, too - but, it's not a social setting, though. Kinda my job, really.

But yeah, sad.

Oh - back on topic.

That's why parents should be "parents", and not "friends". I monitor my children's internet activity all the time. Randomly, at that. My 14 year old has a tablet, a laptop, and now her first smartphone. At any given point, I'll do a random search, and call her over. I check her current site visit, along with a week or more of history. Deleting stuff isn't allowed, and if I catch her doing it, she's grounded for a month, to start.

I also check her text messages, and monitor those, as well. Facebook isn't allowed, so no worries about that. And yeah, I know there are ways around my checking - she's not going to be able to do that. Generally, I approach these checks as if I'm expecting her to hide something...I deal with inmates who are very creative about hiding things - my little girl isn't near as dissembling as one of them. Makes life a lot easier.

Point being, I am a father - not her friend. More people should try this, instead of being buddy-buddy with their kids. There's a time and place for that; there's also a time and place for laying down the law, and ensuring your kids follow the rules. Again, no worries there, since all my kids know where "that line" is.

I'm not saying I'm perfect, or that my kids are, either. Just that, usually when they do something sneaky, I've already caught them before they even realize they're busted. Between the crap I pulled as a kid myself, and having nearly 14 years of dealing with criminals and their nonsense, I've got a great BS detector. I'm sure they'll try and put one over on me from time to time - I'm also sure that they'll get caught quickly, and pay dearly.
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