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Well, I got the Lumia 920 when it first came out.

The phone itself is fantastic, but Windows Phone 8 is terrible at best.

So as soon as I'm up for an upgrade, I'll be switching over to a Samsung. I'd prefer a Nokia with Android for the OS - but I'm mostly just looking to get away from Windows Phone 8 and have no desire to deal with a locked down iPhone again.

I think Samsung is capturing a lot of new business this way. Apple has made no real effort to keep their technology and features up to par with competition, instead opting to make their phone smaller and lighter -- which it would seem a lot of people don't care for. Myself included.

Nokia tanked because, well, Windows Phone 8 is terrible. Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8 being a core of their problem. It's not unusable, it's just frustrating at some of it's lack of basic features - like a FORWARD BUTTON. FFS!

Then, there's the ever so obvious lack of apps on Windows Phone 8. Constantly you see things to download an app for a store, charity, etc and they all support Apple and Android -- but rarely do you see it available for Windows Phone 8.

The platform is just immature, and wrought with annoyances that there is no excuse for. Such as the inability to just close an app. Seriously? Yes, they're putting it out in a patch now. Too little, too late, Microsoft. You've already lost the wind from your sails!

So, I think a lot of those folks are moving over to Samsung because they don't have any interest in Apple's offering.

Me, personally, I like a tough phone. I've beat the crap out of my Nokia. Dropped it at least 50 times out of my truck - which is a good fall - probably close to four feet from seat to ground. Not a single crack in it. My oldest boy has the same phone -- he's managed to crack it but it took nothing short of a wrecking on a dirtbike to get that.

I'm a huge Nokia fan in terms of hardware, design, and features -- but their ignorance in the OS department is overwhelming. They tried their own OS - failed. Then went to another fail OS and I've got no doubt they're locked into some kind of contract with MS on that.
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