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Originally Posted by jp3975 View Post
Just because YOU have a 14 year old that wouldnt pass for 18 doesnt mean all girls are like your daughter.

Ive got a friend who has a sister that would hang out with us back in the day. She tried to date 18 year olds and told everyone she was 16. I didnt doubt her. Turned out she was 11. Had a d cup and looked every bit of 16.

Ive seen a number of girls in that age range that could pass for much older.

We cant see this particular girl so its hard to tell if he shouldve known or not.

But he was on a site that only adults are supposed to be on and she did lie about her age.

Personally, I think that if adults are going to be charged when teens lie about their age, then the teens should be charged too. There is obviously proof here that she said she was 18.

If he legitimately believed that, then why should he go to jail if he didnt realize he was doing something illegal?

On the other end of the spectrum, ive known several girls of age that could pass for 12.

My currant gf is studying to be a teacher. She did something where she sat in on an 8th grade class and they thought she was a new student.
The article says that he told her to turn off her cell phone so that they would not be bothered by her mother......I am pretty sure he knew she was not of appropriate age. That said, I have often wondered about men who wanted to date females that, while they are of legitimate age, look like they are 14 years old. To me, there is something a little creepy about that.
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