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New to me S&W 19-4

I have been looking for a new bullseye gun for the upcoming season and I have found that I shoot K frames better than L frames(I currently use a 686). I came across a smoking deal on this beauty.

Its a 19-4 6" Pinned and Recessed model. It has the wide trigger and hammer(I have heard these referenced as Target hammer and target trigger, dont know if thats right). I bought it from a local gunsmith who is a bullseye shooter and runs a pistol range. He slicked the action on it, put new springs in it, and basically let it sit on a shelf for several years. I added the rail and an Ultra Dot to it for competition.

I have already taken it out and practiced with it and can already see improvement. It has me excited for the start of season. I am already a good shot(My high is a 281 on the 300 pt National Match course of fire, avg of 275) so improvement will be wonderful.

Sorry for the crappy pic, its a cell phone camera, and not a good one.
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