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If I could find a decent, finish not important 870 12 gauge or 20 gauge for $150, I wouldn't worry with the Chinese copies. I look and never find them. A new 870 Express at Wally is right at $300.

The Pardner Pump I was talking about earlier is a 20 gauge YOUTH model. It already is a 5+1 and I thought it was a 4+1, that's why I asked about a +1 or +2 for it.
Then I would look at the LOP of it and whether I would need to add some length to it so it would fit me well.
Lastly, about every other day I read where it's damn near mandatory to have a light on your HD shotgun. Then I read that NO, you don't need a light on it.

I've never had a DEDICATED HD shotgun and when I do get one, I'd like to go and take one of the HD shotgun classes. My understanding is that most of those classes want you to have a light on your shotgun. I have never had a firearm with a light on it, and I thought that if it is that important maybe I should get one. I can see the benefits of having one on your HD shotgun.

Please understand, I am NOT talking about picking up a Chinese 870 and then CUSTOMIZING it by adding $200 or $300 worth of stuff to it. I wouldn't do that. If I did get one and if I added anything, it would be very MINIMAL stuff. I would not have a shotgun with stuff hanging all over it or add things to it just because I can. First, I hate that stuff and think it's gaudy and Second, I don't have that kind of money to be spending on stuff to add to my shotgun.

If I went with the IAC Hawk shotguns, they come in 12 gauge and the 982 is already configured the way I would want it, nothing would have to be added to it. The 981 is rather plain and could stand a few minor touches, but that's about it.

I would likely go with a Pardner Pump before I went with the IAC shotguns though.

I wouldn't mind a Mossberg 500 either. I never see those for cheap either. Since the gun insanity, I haven't seen any HD shotguns from Remington or Mossberg for less than $250 or so.
The other day I was looking in a TEXAS Classified page and there were quite a few 870's listed, most priced well out of my reach, but there were a couple that I thought looked interesting.
One was a USED 12 gauge Express with VR 26 inch barrel. The owner lists it as being in good shape with probably 1,500 rounds through it in a little over a year. He used it for Clay Target shooting with his buds on weekends I think. His firm asking price was $265. That's when you can buy the same gun for $295 at WalMart.
That's the kind of stuff I see.

Thanks for the advice and help everyone.

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