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i wouldn't as above. i am a pretty deep sleeper anymore..thanx VA for the meds...unfortunately. i switched from a G19 with TLRS-1 and CT's for my FN FNP USG 9mm with a Taclite, condition one, decocked. Great DA and SA on this gun, i have 2. The dogs would wake me up no doubt, but we have a Ranch/SW AZ type house w/o upstairs, only 2 doors, front and patio so i think gun selection 'could' be house dependant.

if you have a downstairs and wake up, you could shake off the cobwebs enough to either just p/u the Glock or thumb off the 1911 safety, or rack a slide on a condition 2 gun on the nightstand.

dogs and a good alarm system give you time to get your critical thinking involved. my granddaughter sleeps in the back room on the other side of the house so def gotta be careful and ID target before engaging. i would like to be fully awake for that!

go with the one with the manual safety in your case for sure. just my .03
BTW, I do have a dog who keeps us aware of anyone within 100 feet of the house, I was thinking more of trying to turn off the alarm clock or something like that and the gun on the nightsand, thinking about it I've just decided to keep it on the far end of the nightsand where I can't reach it unless I sit up and reach for it so a mod can just lock this thread and throw away the key
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