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The reason I bought the G21 was for it's capacity, 13+1 is a thing of the past here in Connecticut as of April of 2013. You can still own one but not buy one. I have two high capacity pistols, a G19 and a G21. I can't even carry the G19 unless I keep it with only 10 in the mag + 1. You can have/load what you want at the range and for the home. I am more accurate with a 1911 but lets face it, we're talking inches and at close range for home defense I"m confident of my ability. It's no big deal, just like I said I saw an advertisement in the back of a gun mag and was wondering if anyone had one installed. At the time I bought the G21 I wanted a STI double stack but was runnng out of time with the new BS laws in CT and kinda fell into the G21 SF. The G19 was my first handgun and up until the new laws carried it IWB often in the colder months when it dosen't print but now carry a 3 inch alum frame 1911 instead.
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