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Originally Posted by MStarmer View Post
Most of the Safariland offerings are pretty big unless hanging off a duty belt. They are stiff, and unforgiving and very good at what they do. Practice is obviously paramount on whatever you choose, I think the UM design is similar what they offered on their duty holsters. I know many agencies did not consider those holsters level III by definition. I think the VTac/5.11 may be a better choice, not sure if you considered it or not. Despite controversy I like the Serpa's as well. They are a good value and work. People manage to shoot themselves despite what kind of holsters they use.
The Serpa is my current OC holster. I have no concerns about the 'controversial' potential of an accident with it. I've even shot matches with the holster. However, I need another holster for a different gun. I'd rather get something better this go around.
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